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The following PDF documents of posters and stickers are available for download or for viewing on line. To open them you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader.

The documents, or any of the graphics on our site, can be saved to your local drive by clicking and holding on the link until a dialogue box appears (Mac) or by right-clicking on the link (PC). One of the choices is: Save this link as... Highlight this choice and release the mouse button. You will be asked where to save it and what name to give it. Have fun and use them in creative ways.


Document name Description Size
Bro-Sis_Sanctions.pdf This is a 23" X 17" poster with the brother/sister pictures, a banner that reads "The Cost of WAR" and the veterans' statement and signature campaign information. 262 Kb
Bro-Sis_sticker.pdf This is an 11" X 8.5" template containing two stickers of the brother/sister and the slogans: "End the U.S./UN Sanctions" and "Stop the U.S. War Against the People of Iraq!" in Arabic, English and Spanish. 459 Kb
GoodGerman.pdf This is 17" X 11" poster with the question: "are we the GOOD GEMANS of our time?". It contrasts the slaughter of Iraqis by the sanctions to the slaughter of Jews by the Nazis. 122 Kb
Nuremberg.pdf International Law - The Nuremberg Principles. See how many laws the U.S. is breaking with its sanctions against Iraq as well as with its current war plans. 362 Kb
Imperial-Reign.pdf VVAWAI Statement on the U.S. bombings and attacks on Afghanistan: Operation Enduring Freedom means Ensuring the Reign of U.S. Imperialism 112 Kb
JP_statement.pdf A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops, and other Youth from Jeff Paterson--the first GI resister to the Gulf War. About this statement: Know anyone in the military, or thinking about signing up soon? Pass this along to them. They may appreciate it, or not... but they deserve a heads up. 196 Kb
Outposts.pdf What is an Outpost? An outpost is the front lines of VVAWAI, the eyes, ears and hands of the organization in the streets all across the country. This document tells more on how you can become an Outpost. 112 Kb
Sanction-Genocide_sticker.pdf This is an 11" X 8.5" template containing nine "Sanctions = Genocide" stickers. 7 Kb
Sanctions_1-16-01.pdf This is an 11" X 17" poster for the January 16th anniversary of the bombing of Iraq. It has the two slogans: "End the U.S./UN Sanctions" and "Stop the U.S. War Against the People of Iraq!" in Arabic, English and Spanish, against a backdrop of the list of veterans who have signed the statement. 230 Kb
sanction-statement.pdf This is an 11" X 17" poster of the veterans' statement, the brother/sister pictures, and places for veterans to sign. 170 Kb
Saying-Goodbye.pdf This is a two-page reproduction of a speech given by Robert Jensen entitled Saying goodbye to patriotism. In it Mr. Jensen puts forward a very compelling argument for why an internationalist stand, instead of a patriotic stand, is what is required to really achieve peace in the world. A must read. 23 Kb
VVAWAI_WhoWeAre.pdf This is a two-page document with information about VVAWAI, our points of unity and how to join. 186 Kb
Wear-Green-Black.pdf A Green & Black flag/sticker and the Wear Green & Black poster on an 8.5" X 11" sheet. 35 Kb

The GI Rights Hotline

a coalition of nonprofit, non-governmental organizations who provide information to members of the military about discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights.

Do You Have a Friend or Relative in the Military?
They Need Military Resistance!

Forward Military Resistance along to them, or send in their address. Whether in Iraq or stuck on a base in the USA, this is extra important for your service friend, too often cut off from access to encouraging news of growing resistance to the wars, inside the armed services and at home. Send email requests to Contact _AT_

Sojourner Truth

Israel and the U.S.: who is whose tool?

From A World To Win News Service

28 June 2010. A World to Win News Service. The American international policy professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who are critical of U.S. support for Israeli settlement expansion and its attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, argue that "the unmatched power of the Israel lobby" distorts U.S. foreign policy. Many people outraged by these crimes have been influenced by their still widely circulated article "The Israel Lobby" that first appeared in The London Review of Books in 2006 (available at and was later expanded into a book published in 21 countries.

(at VVAWAI we've been grappling with the relationship between U.S. imperialism and Israel for a long time.  This article is very helpful-- Anton, VVAWAI)

Read on… From A World To Win News Service
 Israel and the U.S.: who is whose tool?


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Only You Can End the War

Crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them. This war, from its onset to now, has been a crime against humanity, and people of conscience must oppose it. You must oppose it. The point that must be grasped, and acted on with the courage, creativity, daring, and moral clarity of our convictions, is that this war is unjust, immoral, and illegal, regardless of who is in charge.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."

- Sinclair Lewis,
It Can't Happen Here

Frederick Douglas

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