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... there is no glory in murder,

no excuse in obedience,

and no future in patriotism!


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The below links are to archived issues.


- Issue #31 Special Anniversary Issue published Spring 95


- Issue #54 (pdf format) published Summer 2009
- Issue #53 (pdf format) published Summer 2008


- Issue #49 published Fall 2004

- Issue #48 published Spring 2004

- Issue #47 published Summer 2003

- Issue #46 published Winter/Spring 2003

- Issue #45 published Summer 2002


- Issue #44 published Spring 2002

- Issue #43 published Winter 2001

- Issue #42 published Spring 2001

- Issue #41 published Winter 2000

- Issue #40 published Summer 2000

- Issue #39 published Winter '99-2000

- Issue #38 published Spring - Summer '99

- Issue #37 published Winter '98 - '99

- Issue #36 published Summer 98

- Issue #35 published Fall 97

- Issue #34 published Winter 96-97

- Issue #33 published Spring/Summer '96

- Issue #32 published Winter '95


The GI Rights Hotline

a coalition of nonprofit, non-governmental organizations who provide information to members of the military about discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights.

Do You Have a Friend or Relative in the Military?
They Need Military Resistance!

Forward Military Resistance along to them, or send in their address. Whether in Iraq or stuck on a base in the USA, this is extra important for your service friend, too often cut off from access to encouraging news of growing resistance to the wars, inside the armed services and at home. Send email requests to Contact _AT_

Sojourner Truth

Iraq Body Count web counter

Only You Can End the War

Crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them. This war, from its onset to now, has been a crime against humanity, and people of conscience must oppose it. You must oppose it. The point that must be grasped, and acted on with the courage, creativity, daring, and moral clarity of our convictions, is that this war is unjust, immoral, and illegal, regardless of who is in charge.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."

- Sinclair Lewis,
It Can't Happen Here

Frederick Douglas

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News sources with information and perspectives not often seen in the U.S..